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Are You Thinking About Quitting Cannabis?

Do you smoke or use edibles daily in order to function or feel normal?

Is marijuana affecting your school, work performance or relationships?

Are you worried about how pot impacts your short-term or long-term memory, your overall brain functioning, energy and motivation?

Have you tried to quit or cut down on cannabis before?


We can help you!


You've Taken The First Step!

If you've been thinking about your marijuana use and wondering whether it's time to cut-back or quit weed altogether, you've come to the right place.

We can help you figure out where to begin, how to deal with stress when you don't smoke marijuana, what to say to friends who still do and deal with the inevitable withdrawal symptoms and sustain change.


Here at CannaQuit, we're behind you 100% of the way as you take control of your choices and take control of your life.

Quit Cannabis 

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Video Coaching

Need coaching or support from a professional? Talk to someone today!

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Take Our Quiz

Are you at risk for developing a cannabis use disorder? Find out in two minutes.


Exchange ideas, get peer support, trade tips and connect with others

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At CannaQuit we aren't anti-weed...

Though any marijuana use comes with some potential health implications, many people can use marijuana occasionally without it impacting their lives. They can easily moderate their use if it feels like it's getting out of control or they are becoming dependent.


Success Stories

Smiling Young Man

“I was skeptical and wasn't even sure I wanted to quit, but I'm glad I did. My parents are happy, I feel less foggy and although my grades aren't perfect, they're better than they were.”

Mark N. - NYC

Young Woman with Beanie

“I used weed to get to sleep for a few years and then I'd smoke in the morning. When it started to cost me a fortune and I was smoking basically throughout the day, I knew I needed a change."

Carly S - Boston

Young Man with Hat

“I would say I could quit anytime, but then I felt terrible when I stopped for more than two days. You guys helped me get through and I just marked my 90th day weed-free."

Tyler - Austin

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