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About CannaQuit


Whether you Are just curious or looking to make some changes in your life right away, we can help....

CannaQuit educates, empowers and equips individuals to take control over their cannabis use — whether that means quitting, taking a break, or cutting down — without judgement and using evidence-based strategies backed by science.


You won't find any anti-weed "reefer madness" propaganda here; just unbiased straight-up information about marijuana use, withdrawal, dependence and treatment.

Most folks who visit CannaQuit are beginning to think about their marijuana use or are concerned about the health, mental health, social or economic consequences that can be associated with weed.


Whether you are simply curious right now or focused on making some immediate changes, we are here to help right now.

Why put your trust in CannaQuit?

Dr. Jeffrey Reynolds, CEO on Cannaquit

CannaQuit is owned and operated by Dr. Jeffrey L. Reynolds. Dr. Reynolds is an experienced substance abuse professional with 25+ years experience. He’s served as the Executive Director of the Long Island Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence and is the President/CEO of Family and Children’s Association in Garden City, NY. 


Dr. Reynolds is a well-known addiction expert, a sought-after speaker at national conferences, cannabis and drug policy consultant to state and local governments and media commentator.conferences

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