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Do You Get High Before Visiting The Dentist?

“Half of Dentists Say Patients Are High at Dental Appointments.”

A recent American Dental Association survey found 52% of dentists surveyed said they are encountering patients who are under the influence of marijuana or another drug during dental visits, according to ADA News. The survey of 557 dentists found 56% reported they limited treatment to patients who were high because a clear head is required to make medical decisions. Because of how marijuana and anesthesia affect the central nervous system, 46% of surveyed dentists reported sometimes needing to increase anesthesia levels to treat patients who needed care. ADA spokesperson Tricia Quartey, D.M.D., said if a patient has marijuana in their system it may limit the type of treatment that can be delivered, requiring patients to have an additional office visit.

The good news is that 67% of patients surveyed said they are comfortable talking to their dentist about marijuana. The ADA recommends dentists discuss marijuana use while reviewing health history during check-ups and all dental visits.

While using cannabis before a dental appointment might lessen your anxiety and seem like a good way to manage the pain associated with dental procedures, check with your dentist first, so you won't be re-scheduling your visit.



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