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Six Signs That You May Be Smoking Too Much Pot Or May Be Addicted To Marijuana

Updated: Feb 12, 2022

Here are some signs that could suggest that your cannabis use is getting out of hand and it might make sense to try to cut back:

It takes more pot to achieve the same effect. The first real sign of marijuana addiction is tolerance. When you first smoked pot, it likely took only take a few puffs for you to feel the effects. After smoking pot a few times, you probably found that it took more marijuana to feel the same effects and as your use has increased, it may take several joints in order for you to get high.

Withdrawal. As your tolerance to marijuana increases, your body becomes physically dependent on the drug and has come to expect its presence. If you suddenly stop smoking weed, you may experience withdrawal symptoms like insomnia, anxiety, depression, changes in appetite and headaches.

Smoking weed to relax. If you find yourself having to smoke pot in order to wind down after a long day, you are becoming physically and psychologically dependent on cannabis. Repeated use of cannabis impacts your ability to relax without the use of substances like marijuana or alcohol.

Getting high despite known consequences. Marijuana can impact your performance at school, at work and in your relationships. If you’ve suffered some of those consequences and continue to use the drug, you may be suffering from marijuana addiction or what's called Cannabis Use Disorder (CUD).

All of your friends smoke pot. Do you choose your friends based on whether or not they smoke pot? Are you spending less time with friends who don’t smoke weed and more time with those who do? if so, marijuana addiction may be setting in and impacting your interpersonal relationships.

You’ve tried to cut down or quit, unsuccessfully. If you lie to yourself or others about the amount of pot you will or have consumed or have tried unsuccessfully to stop smoking pot, you may be suffering from marijuana dependence or addiction.



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